Couple bringing eclectic business to Del Norte

Photo by Lyndsie Ferrell Corey Hubbard and husband Ryan Methfessel are the proud new owners of the General Specific Store, a unique and eclectic store opening at the end of May in Del Norte.

DEL NORTE — A new business is about to hit Grande Avenue in Del Norte and with it comes an eclectic, adventurous and historically devoted general store with all kinds of hidden treasures that await.

The General Specific Store is scheduled to open its doors to the public on May 22 for an open house and then for regular business just a few days later. This enterprise is sure to add to the already growing diversity that has come to Del Norte.

Corey Hubbard and her husband Ryan Methfessel moved to the area four months ago and after spending about a week, decided Del Norte was where they wanted to call home. Hubbard and Methfessel spent several months of the past year wandering from small town to small town looking for that magical place that fit their unique and restless souls. Little did they know that their slice of heaven would be in a rural western Colorado town like Del Norte, but they are more than happy to be here.

“In the dead of winter, we arrived in Del Norte and fell in love,” Hubbard said. “Having combed rural America, we were confident in our decision to settle down in this slice of western paradise.”

Hubbard and Methfessel planned to move overseas before the COVID-19 pandemic made it nearly impossible. Since their first attempt at their dream failed, they packed up their belongings, liquidated their things and headed out to the great American highways to find what would ease their restless spirits.

“We knew we wanted to open a retail store, but we didn’t want it to be a typical store,” Hubbard said. “We wanted to hand select our wares and bring in specific things for the people who would be shopping there. We wanted someone who wears several hats, maybe being a Jack of all trades if you will, could come and find something here. We will have antiques and books and other household items. Plus, we want to open it to the public in some way, whether it’s through a coffee shop or a place to get a drink, we will know when the time comes.”

General Specific Store is a distillation of “our passion for people, history, and design. We seek to create a community outpost, a venue for connection, and a place to find some style. Channeling southwest glam and enthusiasm for our natural surroundings, we welcome you, and hope you will welcome us,” Hubbard added.

The couple is looking forward to creating a curious, oddity type store that has a little something for everyone and has an endearing love for the area they plan to pour into the community.

“We will have art, antiques, taxidermy, lots of gems, shells and everything is going to be hand-picked by us,” Hubbard said. “We wanted a lot of curious, natural oddities and its reflective of the eclecticism of the San Luis Valley. We are very excited to see what this will grow into.”

The new store has a website at The store is located at 560 Grande Ave. in Del Norte.